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DENIED Ya boy troy ban request(Racism)(Fail rp) (Prop climbing) (BreakingNLR)(Harassment)(failCP)

Discussion in 'Closed Ban Requests' started by Cody Watts, Jun 3, 2017.

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  1. Cody Watts

    Cody Watts Member

    May 23, 2017
    Offender's Steam name: Its ya boi troy
    Offender's Roleplay name: Its ya boi troy
    Offender's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:146317959
    Server the incident occurred on: Roleplay
    Approximate date & time of incident: 6:30 am
    Offence committed: Harassment, Fail rp, Prop climbing and spawning props in during a raid, Racism, Breaking NLR, Fail cop.
    Evidence: (In the form of videos or screenshots)
    https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....997/41A11318F85FE51981C0C07F3AE9988EFE0AF354/ <-- Racism
    https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....965/A616007C731EDC49BAB17E848C52C44634D31913/ <-- Proof of harassment Along with breaking nlr ::: http://chronet.com/threads/ban-request-on-timmy-johnny.14910/ <--More proof of harassment, being that his friend reported me yesterday and it got denied and now there doing it again.
    https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....845/5F443A4E7C81CA2963F0FB4CF7569968ECBEC822/ <--Futher more proving he only gets on to try to ban me.
    <-- Proof of Prop climbing and prop mingeing while raiding and proof that he broke nlr and was sitting outside of his bubble to raid me again as soon as possible i had to get offline because of this, he wouldnt leave me alone. This is the second day i had to leave the server because this guy won't leave me alone as i even stated in there ban request yesterday.

    its ya boi troy 3:29 AM - its ya boi troy: i am a true rp er
    its ya boi troy 3:29 AM - its ya boi troy: oh no
    Cody Watts 3:29 AM - Cody Watts: No it doesn't its the only reason you play
    its ya boi troy 3:29 AM - its ya boi troy: it just kills me to know ive runied a friendly community members rp expeirence
    Cody Watts 3:28 AM - Cody Watts: No you have only see me yesterday and today kid and you literally wont leave me the fuck alone it why i have to keep changing my fucking name because your a harassing minge
    More proof that he literally does whatever he can to try to troll and minge. ^^^^

    Proof that he became a cop and just followed me around wasting my time not even trying to rp. He pulled up beside me asked me why i was speeding and i told him my car cannot speed something he already knew and then he tells me that i am threatening him from telling him my car cannot speed and tells me to step out of the car and continues to waste my time by being a fail cop and to troll for 4 minutes and i had to make him quit it by telling him that i am recording. <---- After this i saw he quit his job as a cop and became a civ and that is why i bulit the box you can see in this report http://chronet.com/threads/an-abolish-request-on-timmy-johnny.14923/#post-135112 I knew he was not going to leave me alone and that he would continue to harass me so i built the box so he would leave me alone and die.

    The only reason i post any of this is because the player won't stop flaming me and harassing me in game and making stupid one sided reports it has gone on for 3 days now and he has reported me 2 times in a row and will not quit,I have had to change my steam name and in game name now 2 days in a row because of this. I do not like reporting players and up taking in this drama bullshit and wasting my time but this guy will not leave me alone.
    --- Post updated ---
    Also would like to add, my point is proved further more in this report http://chronet.com/threads/ban-request-on-timmy-johnny.14910/ you can see in this report danny tant raiding as a mayor and being in a group as a mayor and that they where literally 3 people on the server and they where even talking about trolling and harassing me http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=937927140
    Also medic the admin even stated it in the ban request and it is why it got denied "(Medic SERVER ADMIN)There's no context to this ban request. Firstly, I doubt they were doing it because you're premium. This isn't a DarkRP server. Many people are premium and we all respect each other regardless because its not OP. Secondly, I'm going to assume a malicious act was taking place considering Danny PM'd you saying "Don't add the part of me gunning him down. Cody's story seems fairly accurate based on that. Either way, not enough to consider enforcing anything.
  2. Medic

    Medic Past Staff Member

    Jun 24, 2015
    Roleplay name:
    Ryan Trend
    Another admin and I found that there was not a good/strong enough amount of evidence to really issue any sort of ban here. @its ya boi troy I suggest you discontinue the toxic behavior though however because if it continues it may lead to a ban. I've seen it plenty myself, both in game and on the forums. If you can't talk to people with respect, or respect ones differing opinion on things, then you don't have to be here. I know what's really going on behind this video, I'm not stupid. Denying this due to lack of evidence.

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