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Tobii Eye tracker

Discussion in 'Hardware and Software' started by Jack Traid, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Jack Traid

    Jack Traid Past Staff Member

    Jun 22, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Jack Traid
    Hello everyone, I'm just talking about the Tobii eye tracker here because, quite frankly it was either this or write a review for the game I just finished. I found out about this at EGX, I didn't try it because I was busy talking to the guy from alienware while one of my friends tested it.

    I plan on buying the Eye tracker X as I hope to use it in my latest project, as well as for some gaming uses. I just wanted to know if anyone in the community had a tobii eye tracker of some sort. Because I may need to find some chill dudes with the gear in case this project actually gets anywhere.

    Wait, you don't know what it is? Well then, allow me to educate you. The tobii eye trackers track your eye movement (as the name implies) this can be used for gaming/genral PC use instead of relying on your mouse. (Still useful to keep a mouse for clicking with)

    Is it reliable with it's tracking? I didn't use it as I said, but the friend I was with said that it was incredibly accurate.

    What else can it do? Well it is designed for windows hello, and knows if you are sat at your computer, and will unlock you machine if you choose that in the options. When you are playing a game that was designed with tobii in mind, it will notice if your eyes leave your desk area, and will open up the pause menu.

    You mouse has 1600 DPI? Yeah that's cool, but is yous as fast as your eye movement? No? Git rekt scrub.

    Anything else? Yes? Then ask below! Got nothing to ask/say? Well then you can either keep you nose turned up in disgust or jaw down on the floor based on how you feel about this product.