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Staff Complaint: B-S-F-D-Firefighter[Porter]

Discussion in 'Staff Complaints' started by Brunnea, Oct 15, 2017.

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  1. Brunnea

    Brunnea Retired Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Dumb Broad
    Admin In-Game Name: Porter Westen/ @BSFDFirefighter

    Steam ID of Admin: STEAM_0:1:92588607

    Approximate Time and Date of Incident: Spans many timeframes, some of this was after his promotion, some may have been before.

    Any proof (Screenshots, videos, console logs, etc): I'll give out the evidence of his mental instability and inability to act like an adult in private.

    Your complaint:

    Here's a TL;DR up front: He is mentally unfit to be an administrator, much less even be considered for Trial and was incredibly inactive before his selection. He hasn't stepped up that activity either. It's been a while now and he's only accumulated two bans.

    Now for the long of it.

    To start off on the easier one: Inactivity.

    He has only two bans on his entire record when all of his counterparts have at least more than 5.
    I'm very well aware this isn't a make-or-break for Administration, but you can plainly tell someone's activity not by the amount but by the dates of the bans.

    As I've already linked, there is a serious difference between him and the other Trials, which is why I personally think he should not be considered for promotion.
    Even if he was just 'getting on at later hours', you'd think he'd at least have what, 4 bans from doing that a night? One?

    I remember doing late night Administrator shit, and perhaps it was because it was in the summertime, but I was still very busy.

    Second prong: Mental instability/incapability.

    This is really highlighted in the evidence I'll provide when prompted, but I would rather only give it to someone I know I can trust so I'm sorry if you ask and I say no.

    Porter has demonstrated to me that he is mentally unfit for much of anything, especially when it comes to Chronet.

    It is plainly obvious now that he was actively pursuing a girl here in this community, and even when he found out she was 12-13 years old he continued. He is almost 18 years old and they are both US citizens.
    I doubt any of you have forgotten the whole SCORPEANrtd debacle, from which Porter participated in it to an extent. A famous example(at least in my circle) would have to be this:


    Now that's a little weird, isn't it?

    Now I'm not saying he's a pedophile or anything.

    Au contraire, åh motsats, gar or'dinii aruetii.
    I am saying he's a Hebephile(Basically a pedophile but not attracted to little kids. Just older ones!), much like his old friend SCORP.

    In the evidence I will provide it will confirm this.

    On top of being creepy in general(Even being banned from talking to the little girl by her parents - As they should've), he constantly talks to people about all of his problems, whether they want to hear about it or not.
    I've heard reports from people who will remain anonymous unless they speak up here that he's told them about escapades they really, didn't want to know anything of.
    Not to mention, he's even done the same to me.

    Porter also seems to suffer from a superior-victim complex, where at one point he apparently thought all the girls here were attracted to him in some way, but then paints himself as some kind of sad soul who needs attention and constant validation.

    Those are not characteristics of someone you'd want on your staff team.
    Funny thing is, this was all pretty easy to figure out even before his selection for Trial.

    Tapping into the superior-victim complex, he is well-known for acting, pardon my language: Like a sad generic suburban white girl who's dad told her she couldn't go to the mall because she had to study.
    He's also even stated he's on medication ,but neglects taking it to the point where his mental issues completely fuck him over, even though he has something that can help him.

    His overall lack of maturity, incability to take responsibility, and not being able to act his age is also something that needs to be accounted for.

    TL;DR for the TL;DR

    he's scorp 2.0.

    --- Post updated ---
    I received this shortly after posting this Complaint.
    Keeping the source private because they asked. Will only provide if absolutely necessary.

    I would love if @BSFDFirefighter would respond.
  2. BSFDFirefighter

    BSFDFirefighter Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Porter Westen
    1. I'm a "give a second-chance" kind of Admin, I understand those who deserve to be banned immediately should be, but 95% of calls I have taken are support/assistance, 5% are rule-breaks, usually resulting in a warning, also usually verbal as I don't see why I should fuck someone's record over due to a single RDM.
    2. Negative, not near 18, I am 17 but still have quite a few months until 18, difference there.
    3. Not banned from communication.
    4. Never thought all the girls here were attracted to me.
    5. Hebephilia and Pedophilia are pretty different, hebephilia is also pretty different from ephebophilia.
    6. The "evidence" is not showing any "pedophile/hebephile/ephebophile" characteristic/trait, it is stating that is does vary in places. Most people know that unless you've never studied any abroad country or separate state.
    7. "Paints himself as some kind of sad soul who needs attention and constant validation" seems to be a ruse, I openly vent to those who I believe are good enough friends who understand me.
    8. The part of the Scorpean debacle I participated in was primarily defending the victims of the incident, sure I did talk to Scorp on occasion during the incident and agree that some things that were being stated was taking it way too far, but I primarily defended those in which he targeted.
    9. Scorpean has come to me multiple times asking me to message those involved in his debacle to ask to unblock him so he can at least say goodbye, I don't do that shit, if I say goodbye to someone permanently, I say goodbye to them permanently.
    10. I do have medication (Zoloft), and yes, sometimes I fail to take it or do not take it at all, the failure to take it stems from just forgetting; the not taking it at all stems from when I feel that the medication will not assist and that I function a lot better off of it, same goes for my other medication (to treat ADHD), I mainly don't take it anymore as it actually does the opposite of what it should, making me more distracted, unable to function, etc; To me, medication usually goes 50/50.
    11. Mind if I ask how I seem to be "incapable of assuming responsibility"?
    12. Mind if I mention that the entire situation stated in my "mental instability/incapability" prong was actually insinuated by OTHER members of the Chronet community? I had never even thought of "actively pursuing" said member of the community, my organization, allies, and other general players of the community had learned of how I felt about the member in question, and then essentially made it turn into what it had ended up being, need I also say that said member of the community had also told members how she felt and was actually the first to open up between us about feelings? I'll just make the assumption that that stated does not matter, as it seems factual statements never do.
    13. The whole "12-13" shows that you clearly aren't aware of the age, so why make a statement when all that has been said about mentioned members age has always been a rumor?
    14. If I'm apparently a hebephile, wouldn't that make Scorpean and said female member ephebophiles?
    15. Let's bring up maturity, assuming that me "not being able to act my age" is true, do you even think that I would have applied in the first place? Negative, and let's also take into consideration that, while I am 17, my maturity that I show towards others and the respect that I give is well above what it should be for my age group, if I am correct, isn't what most 15-18 y/o's think about primarily sex, drugs, stupid life decisions and other shit that would really only be an adult topic? I don't think about shit like that at all, while some of what I think about is relationship related, I'm actually primarily focused on my life, mainly school, work, future careers, friends, life experiences, free time, writing, etc. I do not function as an average teenager, and with how much I've proven it to both my school and friends (both real life and online), it's fairly obvious to see.
    16. If all of that should be "accounted for", wouldn't it just be easier to type a private message to me and state your concerns and how you believe I should go about it to better myself?
    17. Half of what has been stated here, I talked to Chance about and even told him truthfully that the only people who have/had knowledge of the whole "actively pursuing" said member are/were only select members of the community, primarily org members and allies, as well as a couple good friends.
    18. Most of what is stated is based off of assumption/rumor.
    19. Again, wasn't the community mainly the ones who advocated and told me that I should state how I felt?
    20. Also, during this whole spiel, didn't a fair amount of community members spread rumors that her and I were together and/or also kept asking either her or myself if we were? And what was always the answer to that? It was "We're friends, that's what we are." Our personal business is such, it's personal business, how do you think we both felt constantly being bombarded by the questions and assumptions? Pretty fucking shitty if I do say so myself, she also was tired of the rumors and questions.

    TL;DR: It appears that most of this was made and presented as an assumption/rumor, and it's also fairly degrading and slanderous to compare me to someone who has actually done this kind of shit and impacted people's lives over it.
  3. Deaconator

    Deaconator Past Staff Member

    Nov 1, 2012
    Roleplay name:
    jake conway
    literally only pedophiles say that
    also yeah two bans in like a month is awful you should really be more active
  4. BSFDFirefighter

    BSFDFirefighter Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Porter Westen
    1. Pretty sure pedophiles don't say there is a difference between pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia, not many people know what hebephilia and ephebophilia are anyways; pedophiles more often attempt to make justification of their actions, not attempt to state the difference.
    2. I understand I should be more active, I try to be but home and school take priority over free-time during the school week and sometimes weekends. I know people are saying that I should have more bans and I agree and will step up punishments a notch.
  5. Brunnea

    Brunnea Retired Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Dumb Broad
    sweet mother of fuck that formatting.
    alright i'm gonna break this down nice and slow. while combining redundant points.

    1. Even then - 2 bans. C'mon dog we both know that being the forgiving type isn't getting the job done.

    2. Meant to put in near 18. Statement still applies.

    3. Yeah tell that to the parents. I'm sure you told me yourself that the member in question has to sneakily speak to you.

    4. You told me yourself.

    5. Really different but somehow really aren't.

    6. You still didn't have to say that. The fact that you said it made it look like you felt threatened and jumped to your own defense. In a very, very suspicious manner.

    7. This isn't Vent. Be professional.

    8/9. what

    10. Point still stands, I'd say you would talk to your doctor/parents to make sure the medications still work. Perscriptions 101.

    11. Mainly meant you're mentally incapable to take on this kind of responsibility.

    12. Oh dearie me believe me, I got my information straight from the horse's mouth. I did my research and made sure it was fact before tossing it out there. Everyone knows you did pursue them. It was also stated you made that person feel uncomfortable by that member. That person even told me and asked for help. I stupidly gave bad advice because I had yet to realize the gravity of the situation at hand.

    13. Mate, they looked younger than 13 which is why I put the 12 there. Because I honestly don't believe it is 13. You know their age and continued to do this anyway, don't deflect.

    14. Deflecting, again.

    15. oh my fuck you pulled the 'I'm mature for my age' argument. I have no words.

    16. Sure it would. If that's what the situation called for. If it was really bad I would've message Community Management about this, but because it wasn't, I simply followed procedure. You shouldn't worry about this if you are in fact innocent of all claims.

    17. what.

    18. It's not.

    19. Not in the least, from my perspective.

    20. Okay?

    21. But don't you think by doing that you're painting yourself as '___ is worse than this ___, therefor I am okay!' counts as a justification of your actions?

    this is elementary mate.
    --- Post updated ---
    I have more to bring to the table now.

    --- Post updated ---
    from a 'pastebin'


    'I sent him this just now one sec

    The thing is that you do stuff like make my birthday your phone password and tell me I'm cute etc, we aren't dating but you do a lot of things like we are and we aren't for a while atleast and you need to wrap your head around that which it doesn't seem like you have. Also during our break you continuously pushed it and replied and tagged and joined voice channels etc I know you stopped but it doesn't erase the fact that you weren't honoring my wishes and you just have to listen to me sometimes.

    Depending on what he says I'll decide.'

    Porter's response(Only editing done was to cut out the person's name and add a readable format):
    'Alright [REDACTED] look, I know you don't really want to talk for a little while longer, but please just please listen, I miss talking to you and it's hard because you're the only one who truly understands me, even when I don't understand myself sometimes, you're there for me, and I want to make things right and be back to how we used to be. I know you say I'm still too attached and that I deny it but need to realize, and last night, I did start to realize that what I had stated was sort of pushing it, yet I want you to understand that I truly have never really met someone, especially a female, who cares about me and is as good of a friend as you are to me, especially since you like me, and nobody else to my knowledge does.

    I will admit, I shut down and I said what shouldn't have been said because as you said, as of now, at the end of the day, we're just friends, and I sincerely apologize for what I said and did that may have been uncomfortable for you and I take back what I said, I never had any intention to make you feel uncomfortable or anxious in any way, and to be honest, it made me upset knowing that I put you into that situation.
    I know you say that the reason people want us to date is for the benefit of me, and that they really don't care about you, and if you want, you can give me the names of the people, and I'll talk to them, because that does upset me.

    I also know how you say that I like you a lot more than you like me, but to be honest, in my opinion, I do like you a little more than you like me, and that's because, while I do think about you often, and think about how hopefully we can be friends for a long time and how I want you to have the best life possible, there are still other girls I somewhat like irl who just don't know, and that's for the sole purpose of that I know there is a 95% chance that they do not like me, and I'm fine with that, but it's difficult for me to tell people how I feel when I'm uncertain of how they feel about me,
    whereas it was easy for me to tell you how I feel about you, because [DIFFERENT PERSON WHO ISNT INVOLVED] and Hammy told me what you told them, and then the night later when I asked you in Skype and you told me how you like me a fair bit more than a friend, and that's what made it easier for me to tell you.

    Sorry for the fucking essay, but I had to vent and clear my mind, if you want to message me regarding anything, I'll be out of summer school at around 12:20 CST and will be able to see your message at about 12:25 if you decide to reply, if you don't, I understand, and I just hope you see how truly sorry I really am and accept my apology. Also, regarding the girl from school that you want me to give a chance, yeah, she literally grabbed my nipple out of nowhere yesterday, so, I'll pass on her and try finding someone who actually has gotten to know me before they attempt to touch me."
    --- Post updated ---
    this person was fine with being named.
    only editing done was formatting.
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 4:24 PM Um Frank You there?
    Caveman - Today at 4:26 PM yes
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 4:26 PM Why was I kicked from The Westen's Discord?
    Caveman - Today at 4:27 PM she feels like you are still to attached to her
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 4:27 PM I'm not I still like her, yes, but I'm giving her space
    And I'm not even talking to her in it And how is me being in there interacting with others being too attached? I haven't directed a message towards her in days
    Caveman - Today at 4:30 PM it wasnt my call
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 4:31 PM Well tell her that I'm not that attached to her I'd tell her myself But you know And why does she think I'm still too attached?
    Caveman - Today at 4:34 PM [MEMBER IN QUESTION] - Today at 3:37 PM Do you think I should temporarily kick Porter from the westen discord It feels like nothing is changing cause he still acknowledges like everything I say
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 4:34 PM What did I acknowledge?
    Caveman - Today at 4:35 PM it looks to me like you type something after she posts something or says something
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 4:35 PM I was acknowledging what Nikolai had said Because I saw it after she did And iirc I've only acknowledged 2-3 things Maxine has said in the past 5 days
    Caveman - Today at 4:44 PM thats the way she feels cant do anything to change that
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 4:44 PM I don't want her to feel uncomfortable I don't I fucking hate myself for making her feel that way What tf is Doge saying congrats for?
    Caveman - Today at 4:45 PM getting ur credentials i guess
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 4:46 PM Ahh I guess
    But like Do you know how difficult it is having someone who cares about you, trusts you, and likes you, telling you that you somehow made them uncomfortable and then blocks you for going on a week without even giving you a chance to talk your side?
    And being the one blocked by one of the only people you care about and trust Is what hurts I put more trust in Maxine than 99% of the people in the Fire Department I put more trust in her than I do my fucking family
    And that says something
  6. BSFDFirefighter

    BSFDFirefighter Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Porter Westen
    May I ask how saying goodbye to my best friend as a last goodbye if I were to die constitutes as "harassment"? Pretty sure it's called "In case the unthinkable happens, I would like to say goodbye", as I'm not sure if you know or not, but being a firefighter isn't really the safest job out there
  7. Brunnea

    Brunnea Retired Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Dumb Broad
    this must be the first time we've met.

    Anyway, that's not why it constitutes as harassment. She wanted you gone. You didn't leave.
    You acted just like SCORP did. Hence my comparison!
  8. Wolfy

    Wolfy Member

    Sep 21, 2015
    Roleplay name:
    Frank Westen
    @BSFDFirefighter i think she was referring to that second pic under that tab
  9. Brunnea

    Brunnea Retired Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Dumb Broad
    formatting is bad on this one. sorry about that.


    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:37 AM Like, she knows I would like to meet her if I get the chance
    And I'm pretty sure she has said the same
    Caveman - Today at 12:37 AM yea it was the same way for my best friend we wanted to meet but he wasnt comfortable at the time so i waited until he was
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:38 AM
    The reason she doesn't want us to meet until if we take our relationship to the next level is because
    She doesn't want me spending money planning and traveling to see her
    Just for it to be a waste of time and money
    Caveman - Today at 12:39 AM that makes sense

    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:39 AM Like, I know one of her concerns is What if we both still like each other when she is older
    But Say I go out to meet her
    And she's not free
    Or like The off chance of her parents not liking me
    But she said that her parents can probably set the age thing aside if we do get there
    Just the her living in IL and me in NY might make them question something
    Caveman - Today at 12:43 AM are you sure she wanted to meet you 100% like in a couple of years
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:43 AM I know her and I have talked about it
    But Her and I are going to wait and see how far we get Cause like I'm nervous too about it
    Caveman - Today at 12:44 AM what if she dont want to do that anymore
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:44 AM Main reason is obviously meeting her Idk, time may tell Like I'm nervous on what could happen if we ever do end up meeting Like What could go wrong? Lots of things that I don't want to think about, really
    Caveman - Today at 12:45 AM nothing would happen
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:46 AM I mean, sure, most likely nothing would happen But likr Like* Idk, I guess I'm paranoid
    Caveman - Today at 12:47 AM yea i get like that sometimes thats why i dont like the dark what if she just wants to be friends?
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:48 AM That's one thing I'm nervous about Like Not that nervous But like It's been on my mind I mean I don't know how much of a possibility that is Especially when she said one day "I really want to date you"
    Caveman - Today at 12:49 AM she is 13 tho im sure dating seems exciting
    i'm sorry to say it but it's true man
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:56 AM Hell, she even said that she's fine waiting too
    So that's good also And
    She knows that I want the best for her, and would give my all to give her the best if we ever do work out But I can see where you're coming from
    Caveman - Today at 12:59 AM do you think she likes you as much as you like her?
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 1:01 AM Idk I know she likes me quite a bit
    But I'm not 100% sure how much she truly does
    Trust me, I like her a lot but like It may seem that I like her more than a lot But in reality I like her a good amount, and am also interested in dating her if we're ever able to But I wouldn't like Go out of my way to get with her, wouldn't tell her to block every guy she talks to or just not talk to them in general, or shit like that Like
    Caveman - Today at 1:04 AM well what about when you told jazzu bren and [redacted] i had a crush on [redacted]
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 1:05 AM Actually, I had shared concerns with Jazzu
    And he's the one who really said most of that I just Misinterpreted something
    And had voiced my concern to Jazzu
    And then like It went from there, and to be honest It's a blur And I know I fucked up there, and I'm sorry
    And I can understand if you were pissed at me I would've been too
    Caveman - Today at 1:07 AM i wasnt mad it actually got me really depressed and after that i purposely tried to avoid [redacted] so you and jazzu wouldnt get jealous again but thats in the past i dont hold grudges anyways i got football in the morning so i should head off to bed gn
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 1:09 AM gn



    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:25 AM Now Just put yourself in my shoes when I came back to Chronet
    Those are really the only people who truly cared about me and genuinely liked me Then it's like I met [redacted], and her and I became friends
    And like, right away I could tell that she is special, I don't usually just hit it off and like, become best friends with someone, especially a girl
    So you can just imagine my shock when she told me how she likes me quite a bit more than a friend And then when her and I initially agreed on dating in 2 years (if feelings are still mutual) I like, shut down
    Then we talked about it a few days ago and agreed on whenever she's free and able to do things alone, like go to dinner, a movie, etc (and I really hope that still stands) But like

    It's hard going from being an outcast to having someone you like, like you back and even say they'd be interested in dating you if they have the chance And then having people care about you

    And then having people care about you And then caring about you more than some of your friends in real life It's fucking sad


    Whenever we agreed to do stuff

    I was trying to end it all

    But he wouldn't really let me

    Then he pushed again so

    It was like it never happened


    Caveman - Today at 12:32 AM do you think you may have pushed when you guys agreed on stuff in 2 years maybe you said some things that couldve upset her?
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:32 AM Well Her and I both brought it up And to be honest
    She knew that I'd probably ask her out some day
    And this was earlier this month or so Whenever I messaged you saying she had to tell you something
    Caveman - Today at 12:34 AM did you say anything after your mutual agreement that couldve upset her like asking her to meet etc.?
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:35 AM Well, actually I'm pretty sure she brought up the meeting thing




    Or I might've brought it up and she went into more detail


    I don't think I brought it up

    But I talked about it with him some options

    Then just kinda dropped it

    I was excited st first

    Then got more hesitant as time went on ya kno
    --- Post updated ---

    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:39 AM But she messaged you and said whatever she said
    redacted - Today at 12:39 AM I also don't like how you told her everything too TBH I don't really trust her Much
    She just wants me to date you That's all she wants from me
    That's all most want from me
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:40 AM Yes, I know that, and that's one thing that irks me
    redacted - Today at 12:40 AM It irks you
    But you do nothing
    And if you have it hasn't shown
    So BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:40 AM I want to do something
    redacted - Today at 12:40 AM I'm being manipulated in more ways than one I should have never said my real gender tbh
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:41 AM But I don't know what the fuck to do
    redacted - Today at 12:41 AM If I just kept saying I was a guy none of this would have happened
    So anyway I'm done For now
    ust thought I should clear up

    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:42 AM How long is for now?
    redacted - Today at 12:42 AM Look idk
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:42 AM Look, I want to make things right I want to be able to talk to you, because you understand what I have been through, you know the most about me, and that says something I never really talk about my personal life online
    And when I do, it's to real life friends on Facebook, or someone I really trust I want to be able to stay friends with you, and I hope you feel the same I never should have gotten Scorp and Bren in this I should have been a man and tried dealing with it myself
    redacted - Today at 12:47 AM If you want to make things right you need to try harder, if you think you're hurt just put yourself in my shoes. I feel manipulated and stomped on and I need a break. So um
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:47 AM But, again, I had to talk to someone, and since I couldn't talk to you, because you're the other side in this, I had no other choice but to go to them And I want to put myself in your shoes
    redacted - Today at 12:48 AM See what you're doing there it just feels
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:48 AM I want to know how you feel
    redacted - Today at 12:48 AM Manipulative 1 BLOCKED MESSAGE

    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:48 AM I'm sorry if it feels that way The Gaming Bean - Today at 12:48 AM But really BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:48 AM I really am The Gaming Bean - Today at 12:48 AM Everything you're saying just feels that way cause idk Not everything ig Idk anymore I just can't right now So Just wanted to clear things up

    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:49 AM Are we still friends? And, I want to make things right, but I don't know how to The Gaming Bean - Today at 12:51 AM I think because I want to be mad at you But I just can't be mad At you So I'll just See you

    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:52 AM [REDACTED] Just What can I do to make things right? I want this situation to blow over, and become a thing of the past redacted - Today at 12:54 AM Maybe for starters
    You could just wait
    For once
    Ig Idk

    The thing was tho it was starting to annoy me

    he just wouldn't stop

    repeating stuff

    and I wanted to go to bed

    but I blocked him after that and he joined the voice channel and kept goin
    that was annoying a bit

    Not harassment my left asscheek.
  10. Deaconator

    Deaconator Past Staff Member

    Nov 1, 2012
    Roleplay name:
    jake conway
    well u know what they say when in saudi arabia make like the arabs
  11. Brunnea

    Brunnea Retired Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Dumb Broad

    BSFDFirefighter - Yesterday at 11:58 PM I know that's how it seems
    And I am completely sorry
    REDACTED - Yesterday at 11:59 PM And you're just really freaking me out a little bit
    BSFDFirefighter - Yesterday at 11:59 PM I know, I know, I'm so so sorry
    REDACTED - Yesterday at 11:59 PM And I trust you still
    And I don't hate you
    But I'm just super uncomfortable right now July 29, 2017
    REDACTED - Today at 12:00 AM I mean t's scarier Than like
    Someone like Mathew cause he knew nothing about me And others have told me
    It was kinda easy to find granted
    but I didn't like that he was snooping around and stuff
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:01 AM Trust me, I know the Google+ thing was pretty strange, and I never knew that would happen, so that freaked me out a bit too
    REDACTED - Today at 12:01 AM How would it freak you out It's just
    Why were you even digging in the first place That doesn't
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:02 AM It was kinda odd on my part because I didn't think I'd find that And I don't know It's just I'm so sorry for what I have said and done
    REDACTED - Today at 12:02 AM Why though Would you be looking
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:03 AM To be totally honest, curiosity killed me, and I clicked about and saw your parents profiles
    REDACTED - Today at 12:03 AM And you have a tendency when you go back and repeat things and assume how I felt that feels a little manipulative if you get what I'm saying
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:04 AM I know
    REDACTED - Today at 12:04 AM All in all You're just like
    Pushing too hard
    And I need a break
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:04 AM I know, and I don't want you to feel this way I want you to trust me, and I know you do, and I still want to be friends, and I still do like you and I just hope that this doesn't change how you view me, and Regarding on how I know a lot about you, whereas Mathew didn't I would never, ever do anything in real life, or leak anything, I value our friendship and trust so, so much And I understand I may be pushing too hard, and I want to keep things going slow too, and I'm trying not to seem as I'm pushing it, or have pushed it
    REDACTED - Today at 12:08 AM I don't want things to be going at all
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:09 AM Things such as? Everything regarding the planning and everything? Because I understand that
    REDACTED - Today at 12:09 AM YEsss It doesn't seem Like you do though Because you bring it up And it's better for me and you To just drop it all together And you won't do that it seems
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:11 AM Maxine It's just, and please listen to me on this It's both easy and difficult for me to form friendships with people And everyone I know in real life from my old schools, such as elementary, middle, and my old high school have essentially abandoned me I haven't talked to anyone from any of those schools in like, 3 months And with girls, I never really was able to form a sort of liking and have it be reciprocated
    So when you and I became friends, I thought that was all we were going to be, just friends, but when Hammy asked you if you like me more than a friend, and you said "a little yeah", and then when you said the same to Frank I didn't know what to do
    Then the night you told me you lied about your age, and I asked you what you truly meant when you replied to Hammy and Frank And you said how much you truly do like me I didn't know what to even say or do, it's like I just shut down I never thought that a girl I like would like me back, and I certainly never thought that I'd meet her on a video game
    So it brought me into this sub-conscious state of not knowing what to do or say, and just hope that I don't/didn't fuck something up
    REDACTED - Today at 12:19 AM What does this have to do with anything
    1 BLOCKED MESSAGE BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:19 AM I'm just saying, I never thought this would happen
    REDACTED - Today at 12:23 AM So..?
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:23 AM And I never wanted to make it seem as if I'm obsessed with you, because I'm not.
    I like you a lot and everything, and I am interested in being with you if we are ever able to do so, but I'm not like I don't know how to phrase it I like you, and you know that, and I trust you, and you know that To be fair, I trust you more than I trust most real life friends, and some family And that's because quite a few of my real life "friends" have abandoned me, and tried spreading lies and spewing hate
    A couple, at least And I'm not sure what kind of lies, but I know they've tried, and even if I did know, I wouldn't want to think about what they said So, after I met you guys, and realized that you all wouldn't just abandon me and that you all actually care about me, I felt a sense of relief
    REDACTED- Today at 12:29 AM I just Idk
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:30 AM I don't want you to feel the way you are Like what?
    REDACTED - Today at 12:30 AM I don't want to talk about it I just still
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:30 AM Alright
    REDACTED - Today at 12:31 AM Need a break But I just I don't hate you I'm just startled you know
    And I'm anxious I had been handling it
    Cause I trusted you I don't like being thrown around
    And anyone for the most part
    Just sides with you anyway
    They think you do no wrong
    So I have to deal with it myself

    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:33 AM But know this, everything I have told you, is the truth, I have never wanted this to happen, and I'll admit, I got pretty upset last night, because I never have had any intention of hurting you or making you feel uncomfortable, what I said was sub-conscious and I never ever meant to say it, it just came out, and I regret saying it, I really do
    REDACTED - Today at 12:34 AM It just like
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:34 AM I know people side with me, and I don't want that to happen
    REDACTED - Today at 12:34 AM Came out of no where
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:34 AM I know
    REDACTED - Today at 12:34 AM Like I'm talking to nisha today and she thinks that scorp told me to block you
    And when I told her he had nothing to do with it and how I felt she just says like "what ever porter does scorp has done something much worse"
    Doesn't even try
    To help me So do I really have any friends idk
    They all just care about you
    Pretty much so Im just Taking a break so

    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:37 AM To be honest, I never wanted this to happen the way it did within the past day I went to Scorp to talk to him The Bren got involved
    REDACTED - Today at 12:37 AM He told me That bren got pissed
    When she learned And then she goes and messages me and ask if I'm o
    And says that I really hurt you That's more manipulating Trying to blame me
    BSFDFirefighter - Today at 12:38 AM It hurt, but I don't blame you I blame myself
    And I wanted to deal with it myself
    REDACTED - Today at 12:39 AM It's taking everything I can I have this feeling in my stomach I just wanna throw my phone against the wall


    ill send u

    the logs

    hey Ig we should talk
    1 BLOCKED MESSAGE BSFDFirefighter - Yesterday at 11:53 PM Maxine, I am so sorry it came out like that
    REDACTED - Yesterday at 11:53 PM it's not just that though
    BSFDFirefighter - Yesterday at 11:54 PM I know, and I apologize so much for making you feel that way, I have no malicious intent whatsoever, and I want you to know that Trust me, please, whatever I have said or done that has made you feel uncomfortable, I want to take back and apologize for REDACTED - Yesterday at 11:57 PM I don't really know how to word it
    But like It just feels very uncomfortable recently and it just kinda exploded a little when you did like an essay and I don't like you as much as you like me like I'm not very comfortable doing everything and making you spend money and etc but you just won't seem to let it go
    And it seems like you're obsessed


    did I tell u he found my parents google +



    The Gaming Bean-07/29/2017

    well yea

    that was a thing​

    not harassment.​
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    it got too big so i'm using pastebin un momento
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  12. InfantHades

    InfantHades Past Staff Member

    Jul 9, 2015
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    Nikolai Botanski
  13. Brunnea

    Brunnea Retired Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Dumb Broad
    Now to break up the monotony of posting nothing but evidence, here's a short little snippet of an argument:


    You are not fit for Administration.

    SCORP was demoted for nearly the exact same things that you are doing/have done.
    Everyone, and I mean everyone, who has been in/near/around the friend circles we had know what you've done.
    Some even helped tou because we all thought you were better than SCORP.

    But after all of this, I can firmly say that this:
    I originally did this for minor kicks. I had some stuff and put it out there. But after what I've been sent, I am thoroughly disgusted by you.
    You. Repulse. Me.

    You have no business in this community or being anywhere near anyone who's apart of it.

    You're a whining little girl who hates it when things get complicated and don't go your way.
    Now to address an argument you didn't even have the guts to send me:

    I was being nice. Because that's normally how I am.
    I call everyone cute. Regardless if they are or not.

    It's not relevant but I personally find you unattractively average.

    Now that's a mighty victim complex if I ever did see one.

    Your inactivity has a flimsy excuse since if you aren't able to devote any kind of thorough thought or time into this community, why apply in the first place?

    You have shown a lack of maturity in that you can't take the answer 'no' to heart. Harassing a community member to the point of them faking their fucking suicide(Similar to SCORP but that's different, obviously), harping on her to the point where her own parents had to separate you from her.

    You're a fucking pig.

    I was too nice in calling you a Hebephile, really you're just a fucking creep.
  14. beanycheese

    beanycheese Well-Known Member

    Mar 26, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Maxine Westen
    I may comment more later on this topic but I'm busy so I gotta keep it short for now
    I don't think it was malicious at first. It got twisted as time went on and especially looking at everything side by side it seems pretty messed up. I was ok with it at first then started to freak out. I have anxiety issues that I usually control but this sent it through the roof, so I faked suicide, which is not ok, I know. I'm very ashamed of doing it but it was the only thing I could think to do at the time after all I was upset that day. after it all blew over and I had talks I was slightly relieved to be free from all this. leaving Chronet was hard. Being admin was all I wanted and I had to take my application down. I was very upset about that and even more when somehow he gets what I dreamed for all that time. And I miss discord. Really this whole situation kinda screwed me over yeah?
    I'm not gonna comment on whether he should be demoted 'cause Im probably biased, I'll provide more info if I need to

    To make it short, this situation Damaged my mental health, screwed up my online gaming opportunities and torched my option of being Chronet admin which I desperately wanted.

    Sorry for bad writing and stuff. I'm busy as said.
  15. Brunnea

    Brunnea Retired Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Dumb Broad
    it's fine doll.

    thank you.
    --- Post updated ---

    I'm assuming you will no longer respond, @BSFDFirefighter ?
  16. Chance

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    Oct 24, 2012
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    Zzz, keep on topic.
  17. Brunnea

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    Dumb Broad
    Anything happening with this?

    A response, @BSFDFirefighter ?

    I heard it was being discussed but I'd like an official statement at least.
  18. Chance

    Chance Past Staff Member

    Oct 24, 2012
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    No official statement as of this moment.
  19. count

    count Member

    Aug 5, 2017

    Unfit for administration on all levels; bad influence to the community. I don't understand how he still managed to be a staff member here after stalking, ridiculing and attacking one of our staff members (an individual) for months on end.Absolute trash.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
  20. DogePlayz2

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    Jan 1, 2017
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    James Westen
    how long have you been on the community? ive known porter for a while, and he's always been a good guy, we all got something that were hiding from the world, i do, porter does, i bet so does everyone on this community, so your calling porter "Mentally Unfit" is complete and utter Shat, and going on account, that porter has worked his hard time on the time he has on the server, and worked his time to get to the position he's at now, so you calling him mentally unfit, is singling him out, and not everyone here so, why dont you call other people out, and keep in mind the picture you gave us is non community based.
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