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Staff Complaint Against Lelouch Gremory

Discussion in 'Staff Complaints' started by ShadowStorm, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. ShadowStorm

    ShadowStorm Active Member

    May 8, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Wilfrid Clarkson
    Admin In-Game Name: Lelouch Gremory / tommo1999uk
    Steam ID of Admin: STEAM_0:0:50314032
    Approximate Time and Date of Incident: 10/23/2017 | 4:00 PM CST
    Any proof (Screenshots, videos, console logs, etc):

    Your complaint:

    (1) Lelouch Gremory authorized the mayor to have a law declaring driving as illegal, including for law enforcement. I don't believe this should have been permitted. This is in no way a realistic situation and should be considered a direct attack against player's roleplay experiences.

    (2) Lelouch Gremory propblocked every PD parking spot with giant horse props, causing any spawned in police vehicles to rapidly glitch out and explode. This is a violation that would get normal users banned permanently. This falls under rule 4.1: Prop Blocking and 4.9: General Misuse of Props.

    (3) Lelouch Gremory authorized the police force to shoot people that are driving on sight, including their own police officers. This is essentially giving authorization to mass RDM, which again, would get a normal user banned permanently. You can see myself getting shot, as a police officer, by my own fellow officers in the evidence provided. Officers also killed several other people just for driving a car and Lelouch allowed all of this to occur. Under no circumstance should officers be given permission to kill people for an offense that is not a direct threat to anybody's life, and especially not for something as ordinary as driving a car.

    Lelouch, just because something is not specifically stated as against the rules does not mean that it isn't a violation of the rules and isn't harmful to the roleplay experience. Simple states the following:
    “If ever in doubt, you should ask yourself ‘By doing this, am I negatively affecting or being unfair towards anyone's gameplay?’ If the answer is yes, then you are never allowed to do it; if the answer is no, then you are usually allowed to do it.” - Simple

    Every time I connect to Chronet it is with the sole intention of creating an enjoyable roleplay experience for myself and others. I believe the actions you had committed today were harmful to the roleplay experience and I am concerned that you may continue to make decisions based off of what is fun for you and a few others, instead of the big picture involving roleplay and everybody else.

    I didn't really want to post a staff complaint, and I'm sorry for any trouble it may cause you. I feel that you need to take responsibility for your actions and open up your eyes to what is truly right for roleplay, and what isn't. I hope you understand and there won't be any hard feelings between us, I believe this path is the right course of action for me to take.

    Wilfrid Clarkson
  2. Tommo

    Tommo Retired Trial Admin

    Nov 2, 2013
    Roleplay name:
    Lolcouch Lampshade
    I'm sorry that you feel this way. I was creating an Amish community which is allowed with the rules as.
    You are allowed to role-play as a 'bad' mayor.
    • This refers to a mayor who behaves like a dictator, levying heavy taxes and restrictions on their citizens.
    • If there is an admin online at the time, you should ask for permission first.
    Levying heavy taxes and restrictions on their citizens. Including restricting their right to drive a car. As shown in the Amish community There are community's around the world that still have a ban on cars and other things which are seen as normal in the modern world.

    You messaged me saying " semi-serious does not equal not-serious" It also means people have a choice to use the Open source ( I guess ) set of rules and use them to make interesting situations. As the law was introduced a few officers complained at first but then agreed to it and had to take a man from white house on foot due to the law.

    I was putting down the horse prop down as in a community that on one can drive riding a horse would be one of the most valid modes of transportation along with bikes and other things.

    I didn't allow the officers to kill the people unless they were evading the police. which is how the servers police force works on a normal basis without these laws. The video shows police shooting at your car after you drive off knowing the laws that were in place at the time and being told by the mayor and fellow officers.
  3. Poob

    Poob Active Member

    Jan 16, 2016
    Roleplay name:
    Elliot Ronson