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“If ever in doubt, you should ask yourself ‘By doing this, am I negatively affecting or being unfair towards anyone's gameplay?’ If the answer is yes, then you are never allowed to do it; if the answer is no, then you are usually allowed to do it.” - Simple, The Prophet

  • General guidelines
    • Every player is expected to have read all of the rules before playing on the server.
      • It might take a few minutes, but a ban will likely be a lot longer than that.
    • It is expected that common sense will be employed by each player when playing on our server, as the rules cannot cover every single aspect of playing on a roleplay server.
    • You will notice that "realistically acceptable" is used a lot in qualifying justifications, this is relatively self-explanatory, but is meant to mean that you must be able to do a similar action in real life and be able to justify it to others.
    • Similarly, there is a significant focus on not being "unfair", this is in the spirit that everybody should be able to enjoy their time on the server, without being disadvantaged by other players.
    • If you try to look for loopholes in the rules, you are not playing in the spirit of the server.
    • The admin's word is always final.
      • If an admin has said you're doing something wrong, you should listen, and try to correct yourself.
  • 1. Chat and communication
    • You must respect your fellow players on the server.
    • You may not misuse any forms of communication on the server, such as using "/advert" for non-business purposes, metagaming in OOC chat, or talking in-character while you are unconscious.
    • In general, players may not do any of the following:
      1. 1. Flame each other.
        • Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between people, often involving the use of profanity.
        • Flaming is an argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another.
      2. 2. Disrespect other players on the server.
      3. 3. Argue unnecessarily or excessively.
      4. 4. Discriminate against others, including racism, homophobia, and sexism.
        • Use of discriminatory slurs is also not tolerated, regardless of intention.
      5. 5. Spam in any form.
      6. 6. Advertise other servers.
      7. 7. Prevent an admin from being able to properly perform their duties.
        • This includes revealing an admin who is in disguise.
      8. 8. Misuse the admin chat ("@ «message»").
        • This includes using it to say "to me" or "help", your message should briefly describe the problem.
        • You should not message the admins regarding a rulebreaking of which there is no evidence.
      9. 9. Misuse voice chat. This includes:
        • Spamming the microphone in any way.
        • Continuing to make inappropriate or irritating sounds after someone has complained.
        • Playing music, except if you are roleplaying with the music (e.g. playing music on stage).
      10. 10. Metagame. This includes:
        • Using out-of-character (OOC) knowledge to roleplay.
          • This includes sounds that your character would not realistically be able to hear (e.g. somebody using items from their inventory, or small sounds through a thick wall).
        • Using OOC forms of communication (e.g. OOC chat) to communicate in-character.
        • Using in-character forms of communication (e.g. "/advert") to communicate out-of-character.
      11. 11. Misuse party chat. This includes:
        • Using the party chat for OOC communication.
        • Breaking any of the previously mentioned communication rules in party chat.
      12. 12. Threaten others players with being banned, due to recorded evidence or otherwise.
        • You do not have this authority, it is an admin's decision to make.
      13. 13. Harass or antagonize other players.
        • You may be killed if you repeatedly harass a player, after they attempt to defuse the situation by running away and warning you to stop.
  • 2. General roleplay
    • Roleplay must be conducted in a reasonably realistic manner; you must respond to situations realistically, which includes valuing your own life.
    • In general, bad, unfair, or 'fail' roleplay is not allowed, which includes the following:
      1. 1. Continuously breaking laws to get attention from the police.
      2. 2. Running or driving away from the police for petty crimes (e.g. breaking a window or running a red light).
      3. 3. Doing something completely unrealistic.
      4. 4. Scamming players.
      5. 5. Punch whoring.
        • This means randomly punching someone.
      6. 6. Not valuing your own life (often called breaking 'Fear RP').
        • You must roleplay realistically, which includes roleplaying duress, and being afraid when a gun is pointed at you.
        • You cannot unholster your gun if someone is already aiming theirs at you.
      7. 7. Stealing a person's gun or item over the counter in a shop.
      8. 8. Starting fires without good reason.
      9. 9. Using any form of in-character communication while your character is unconscious or dead.
        • This includes party chat or private messages (PMs), which are strictly in-character forms of communication.
      10. 10. Powergaming.
        • Powergaming is forcing your roleplay onto others.
        • For example, forcing a police officer to accept a fake ID.
        • When conflict arises over how roleplay should proceed, the "/roll" feature should be used.
        • As part of this, you may not force players to drop items from their inventory.
      11. 11. Using an unrealistic roleplay name.
        • You may not name yourself after a celebrity, or use a name that closely resembles that of a celebrity (i.e. swapping or changing a few letters).
        • Your name must not contain any proper or common nouns, verbs, adjectives, or offensive language.
      12. 12. Misusing vehicles.
        • This includes driving erratically.
        • Even if not explicitly stated in the laws, basic traffic laws apply.
        • You must roleplay around vehicles realistically.
          • You may not get into the driver or passenger seats of a vehicle while in the process of being detained.
          • You may not jump into a vehicle just as the owner unlocks it.
        • You may not respawn your vehicle if it has been stolen or impounded.
          • This does not apply to owners of job-specific vehicles, who may respawn their vehicle.
      13. 13. Creating your own sovereign nation or self-governing body.
        • This may only be done with the permission of an admin who is online at the time.
        • This applies to any form of group or community that attempts to remove itself from under the jurisdiction of the government of Rockford.
        • This also applies to players trying to wall off a part of the map, obstructing access to public areas.
      14. 14. Vigilantism.
        • Civilians may not take the enforcement of the law into their own hands.
        • This includes acting in the defence of government officials.
  • 3. New Life Rule (NLR)
    • When your character dies, you forget everything that happened in your previous life.
      • This includes not knowing who your killer was, or that you had a gun that can now be picked up.
    • In general, NLR means the following:
      1. 1. You may not return to where you died for 5 minutes, or use any knowledge from your previous life to roleplay in your new life.
        • When you die and are not revived, an NLR zone will be created around your place of death.
        • Your NLR zone will last 5 minutes, and you will die if you stay in the NLR zone for too long.
        • You will also be put into recovery for 120 seconds when you respawn.
      2. 2. You may not continue to participate in the roleplay situation in which you died.
      3. 3. If you die by accident, you are excluded from NLR and may return to where you died.
      4. 4. Civilians:
        1. 1. If you die on your property, you must wait a minimum of 5 minutes before returning.
        2. 2. If, when you return, the same roleplay situation in which you died is still going on, you must leave until it has been concluded.
      5. 5. Government Officials:
        1. 1. You must wait the same 5 minute period before being able to return to your place of death.
        2. 2. You may only return to, and continue to participate in, the roleplay situation in which you died if you have received a backup call from those who are still involved (i.e. haven't died).
          • You still have to wait the full 5 minutes before you can return.
  • 4. Props
    • You may not use props unrealistically or in a way that negatively affects roleplay.
    • In general, the following is considered prop abuse:
      1. 1. Prop blocking.
        • Obstructing or completely blocking off a public area.
        • Completely blocking any area, with props not connected to a working keypad.
        • Preventing access to an entity, item, etc.
        • Blocking the view of a player's camera in an unrealistic manner.
      2. 2. Prop killing.
        • Forcefully colliding a prop with another player, resulting in damage or death.
      3. 3. Prop pushing.
        • Forcefully colliding a prop with another player, vehicle or entity, pushing them.
      4. 4. Prop surfing.
        • Using props to forcefully launch yourself into the air.
        • 'Surfing' on a prop in mid-air.
        • Placing props without providing realistic support.
      5. 5. Prop climbing.
        • Using props to access otherwise inaccessible areas.
        • The use of ladders can be roleplayed, if done realistically (e.g. you cannot use a ladder to climb over a barbed-wire fence, or to the top of a multi-story building).
      6. 6. Prop shielding.
        • Using a prop to shield yourself in an unrealistic or unfair manner.
      7. 7. Prop trapping.
        • Placing props around a player so that the player's movement is restricted.
      8. 8. Prop mazing.
        • Creating mazes with props to slow down players getting into your property.
        • Making players duck, jump or climb over props to slow them from getting into your property.
      9. 9. Generally messing around with props.
        • If you wish to mess around with props, go play on a build server.
  • 5. Base construction
    • Bases may not be constructed in a way that makes it unfair on anybody trying to get into the base.
      • This is not the same as saying "it must be easy to get into the base", it just means you are not allowed to abuse gameplay mechanics to your advantage.
    • In general, the following rules apply to bases:
      1. 1. Fading Doors
        1. 1. Any area of your base must be no more than 2 fading door/keypad combinations away.
          • This rule takes into account the number of consecutive keypads one would have to go through to access any single area of your base.
          • Example.
        2. 2. You must have either a button or keypad on each side of a fading door.
        3. 3. Fading doors must stay open once the button/keypad is pressed (i.e. it may not automatically close).
        4. 4. Keypads or buttons must be clearly visible, at eye-level and on, or directly next to, the connected fading door prop.
          • You cannot hide or obfuscate the keypads/buttons or their purpose in any way, nor force people to look at the ceiling or floor to access them.
        5. 5. Fading door bridges or ladders are not allowed.
        6. 6. You may only use one fading door to act as an entrance.
          • Any other fading doors may only be used for containers.
      2. 2. All properties must be accessible by at least one entrance.
        • If there are multiple doors going into your property, you may block all but one of them.
        • Trap doors are not allowed to be used as the only entrance (i.e. you must have at least one entrance that is not a trap door).
      3. 3. Shooting windows must obey the following rules:
        1. 1. The minimum size for a shooting window is 2 tiles high and 8 tiles long.
          • Shooting windows may not be small slits or gaps.
          • For reference, a 1x1 PHX square is 4x4 tiles.
          • Example 1.
          • Example 2.
        2. 2. Shooting windows must be placed at least 4 tiles above the ground.
          • You are not allowed windows or gaps for shooting people in the feet when they can't shoot back
        3. 3. Shooting windows must be textured/colored as see-through.
      4. 4. Props must obey the following rules:
        1. 1. Props may not be materialised with pure black or white textures.
        2. 2. Props may not be made to be invisible, or extremely difficult to see.
        3. 3. Certain props are not allowed to be materialized.
          • Bypassing any restrictions on props is considered cheating.
        4. 4. Props may not be used to abuse the bullet penetration system.
          • If you create a prop that bullets can penetrate, it must be penetrable from all sides.
          • You may not limit which guns are able to shoot through your props.
        5. 5. You may not disable physics or collisions on props.
      5. 5. Your base location must obey the following rules:
        1. 1. You may not build bases in buildings clearly made for shops.
        2. 2. Your base must not block off any public areas (e.g. roads, rooftops, tunnels, PD lobby).
        3. 3. You may not build bases in the night club or the underground parking garage.
        4. 4. You may not create any sort of sky lift or floating base.
      6. 6. You are not allowed to create designated 'kill-zones'.
      7. 7. You may not use lights, lamps, materials or any other tool to purposefully lag or disorientate players.
      8. 8. Players may not use the bullet-penetration mechanic unfairly.
        • This means that any intruders must be able to see you shooting at them, so they can shoot back.
  • 6. Cheating
    • You may not use bugs, exploits or cheats of any kind.
    • In general, the following are considered cheating:
      1. 1. Third-party cheat programs, such as wallhacks, aimbots, ESPs, etc.
      2. 2. Exploiting glitches or bugs.
        • Report all exploits to an admin, or on the forums.
      3. 3. Exploiting bugs in the map to leave the normal play-area.
      4. 4. Bypassing the AFK auto-kick system.
      5. 5. Using macros, auto-clickers, configs, etc.
      6. 6. Using alternate accounts.
        • You may only use one Steam account to play on the server.
      7. 7. Combat logging.
        • Disconnecting from the server to avoid dying, losing items, jail time, or to bypass the NLR system.
      8. 8. Selling or buying in-game currency in return for money, items or services not within the game.
  • 7. Raiding
    • You may not abuse gameplay mechanics, or otherwise make it unfair on others.
    • In general, the following rules must be obeyed during raids:
      1. 1. Raiders:
        1. 1. You may use very minimal prop barricades (e.g. concrete blocks).
          • You may not create these barricades during a gun fight, they must be made beforehand.
        2. 2. You may not raid players in the process of building.
          • This rule does not apply if the player has 'farming', or money-generating, items (e.g. stoves, drug plants, money printers).
        3. 3. You may not kill unarmed people.
          • Order them to face the wall and cooperate, or to move out of the way.
          • This does not apply if they refuse to cooperate, or if they block doors, call the police or otherwise interfere.
      2. 2. Defenders:
        1. 1. You may not close recently cracked fading doors.
        2. 2. You may not close or lock recently opened doors.
        3. 3. You may not rebuild or repair your base.
        4. 4. You may not repeatedly open and close shooting windows.
          • A shooting window may only be toggled once every few seconds.
  • 8. Jobs
    • Players must roleplay their jobs accordingly.
    • In general, the following rules must be obeyed:
      1. 1. Government Officials:
        1. 1. You may not be corrupt.
        2. 2. You may not punish players for not following server rules.
          • Please report these players to an admin.
          • An exception can be made for serious rulebreaks (e.g. prop abuse, mass RDM), if there are no admins available.
        3. 3. You may not arrest or kill other government officials.
        4. 4. You may not have or use any 'farming', or money-generating, items or entities.
        5. 5. You must handle hostage situations realistically.
        6. 6. You may not randomly taze, handcuff, or search people.
        7. 7. You may not use personal vehicles as transport while you are on duty.
        8. 8. You may not join gangs or parties with civilians.
        9. 9. You may not raid someone for any small sounds, particle effects, etc created by contraband.
        10. 10. If there is an explosion or fire inside someone's property, you may forcefully check for the source.
        11. 11. You are not obligated to give a court hearing to anybody you have arrested.
      2. 2. Citizens
        1. 1. You may roleplay any job or character you wish.
          • Provided it does not break, or encourage breaking, any rules (e.g. serial killer or vigilante).
        2. 2. Should you be arrested, you are not entitled to a court hearing.
          • Whether this is done is up to the mayor or, in the absence of a mayor, the police officers themselves.
      3. 3. Bus Drivers
        1. 1. You must provide a bus service to the citizens of Rockford.
        2. 2. You may opt not to work at night.
      4. 4. Road Service Workers
        1. 1. You must provide tow truck and repair services to the citizens of Rockford.
          • You are allowed an hour or two per day to do as you wish, and may opt not to work at night.
        2. 2. You may not use your tow truck in malicious or illegal activities.
      5. 5. News Camermen
        1. 1. You must provide a regular news service to the citizens of Rockford.
          • You are allowed an hour or two per day to do as you wish, and may opt not to work at night.
      6. 6. Theater Manager
        1. 1. You must manage the city of Rockford's theater.
          • You are allowed an hour or two per day to do as you wish, and may opt not to work at night.
        2. 2. You may not play inappropriate content in the theater.
      7. 7. Mayors
        1. 1. If there are no secret servicemen, you may assign other government officials to be your guards.
        2. 2. You may fire government officials if they do not do their job, or if they disobey your orders.
        3. 3. You are allowed to roleplay as a 'bad' mayor.
          • This refers to a mayor who behaves like a dictator, levying heavy taxes and restrictions on their citizens.
          • If there is an admin online at the time, you should ask for permission first.
        4. 4. You may not make laws that conflict with the server rules.
        5. 5. You may not warrant players, or make them wanted, without a realistically acceptable reason.
        6. 6. You may not declare a lockdown without a realistically acceptable reason.
        7. 7. You may legalise the distribution and/or consumption of marijuana.
          • You may not legalise its production.
          • You may also choose to legalise marijuana for medical purposes only.
          • This does not apply to any other controlled substance.
        8. 8. You may not allow civilians to act in your defence.
          • This is the job of the police force, and vigilantism is not allowed.
      8. 8. Police Chiefs
        1. 1. You must obey the same rules as police officers.
        2. 2. You may give orders to your subordinate officers.
          • You may designate work-shifts to your officers, and organise the response to crimes.
        3. 3. If there is a mayor, you must obey their orders.
        4. 4. You may not warrant players, or make them wanted, without a realistically acceptable reason.
      9. 9. Police Officers
        1. 1. You may patrol the city of Rockford with your squad car.
        2. 2. You must obey orders given by the police chief.
        3. 3. You must not use excessive force when dealing with suspects.
          • You should always attempt to arrest the person first, and only use lethal force if they refuse to cooperate.
          • If the suspect is armed and dangerous, you may ask the chief or mayor for permission to skip straight to using lethal force, before engaging.
      10. 10. SWAT Agents
        1. 1. You may not patrol, or otherwise act as a normal police officer.
          • You must park your vehicle and wait to be called for backup by the police.
      11. 11. Emergency Response Units
        1. 1. You may not heal people in the front-lines during an active firefight.
          • You must stay in cover, and safely away from the line of fire.
        2. 2. If you spot illegal items, inform the police.
          • Do not destroy them yourself.
      12. 12. Detectives
        1. 1. You must investigate suspicious deaths of Rockford citizens, and report your findings to the police chief.
          • You may not patrol, or otherwise act as a normal police officer.
        2. 2. You are allowed to drive around in your personal vehicle.
      13. 13. Secret Servicemen
        1. 1. You must protect the mayor.
        2. 2. You must obey the mayor's orders.
        3. 3. You may not patrol, or otherwise act as a normal police officer.
  • 9. Random Deathmatch (RDM)
    • Players may not kill, or attempt to kill, other players without a realistically acceptable reason.
    • In general, the following rules must be obeyed when attacking another player.
      1. 1. You may attack a player under any of the following conditions:
        1. 1. The player has just attacked you.
        2. 2. The player has killed one of your friends within the last 5 minutes.
        3. 3. The player has placed a hit on you.
        4. 4. The player is actively trying to arrest you for a serious crime.
          • You can't kill them for attempting to reprimand you for petty crime, such as running a red light.
        5. 5. The player is trespassing on your property.
          • This includes players who are attempting to break into your property.
        6. 6. The player has stolen from you.
        7. 7. The player continues to harass you after being warned, and after you make attempts to avoid them.
          • You must attempt to avoid them by running to another area, and they must continue after you have done so.
      2. 2. You may not attack a player for any of the following reasons:
        1. 1. The player is a witness to your crimes, although not a direct threat (i.e. isn't armed and trying to attack you).
        2. 2. The player is wanted.
          • You must be a law enforcement officer, and give them a chance to surrender themselves first.
        3. 3. Someone asked you to.
          • Players are allowed to place hits on other players, but must be allowed to kill the player themselves to be allowed to order a hit on the player.
          • If somebody has asked you to kill another player and you are unsure of their justification, ask an admin, or don't carry out the hit.
        4. 4. You wanted to, although had no realistically acceptable reason to do so.
      3. 3. The mayor may be killed if their tenure has lasted more than 10 minutes, and at least one of the following conditions has been met:
        1. 1. The mayor has caused signficant damage to the economy.
          • The economy must have seen a significant decline during the mayor's tenure.
          • The economy must be clearly in the red half of the spectrum.
        2. 2. The mayor has set the taxes high (~40%), and refuses people's requests for them to be lowered.
        3. 3. The mayor has imposed martial law upon the citizens of Rockford.
      4. 4. You may act in the defence of your friends in the same way that you may act in your own defence.
        1. 1. The following are considered to be your friend:
          • A player that is in the same gang/party as you.
          • A player that is in your organisation.
          • A player that you co-own a property with.
        2. 2. The following are not considered to be your friend:
          • A player that you know, but are not actively involved with.
          • A player whom you only recognise as a regular player on the server.
          • A player that you would like to be friends with.
          • A player who would otherwise be classified as a friend, except they are a government official.
  • 10. General street crime, hostages, and mugging
    • Players must roleplay crime realistically.
    • The following crime-specific rules must be obeyed:
      1. 1. You may not steal or hijack a person's vehicle unless you already have a realistically acceptable reason to kill them.
        • This includes players who you have just killed.
        • Players whose job-specific vehicle has been stolen may respawn their vehicle.
          • This is because it prevents them from being able to do their job effectively.
        • See the Random Deathmatch section for rules on when it is acceptable to kill someone.
      2. 2. When commiting general street crime, the following rules must be obeyed:
        1. 1. Players must seek to minimise the potential number of witnesses to their crimes.
          • This means you must pick a suitable time and location (e.g. in an alleyway, or late at night and away from streetlights).
          • This does not mean you can kill witnesses.
      3. 3. When taking a hostage, the following rules must be obeyed:
        1. 1. Hostages must be tied with rope.
          • Roleplay reaslistically when tied.
          • Although gamemode mechanics block you from performing certain actions when tied, refrain from doing anything unrealistic.
        2. 2. You may roleplay taking the equipped and holstered items from a tied hostage.
          • This means you may roleplay taking their phone, and any other communication devices, so they cannot call the police.
          • You may not force the player to drop items from their inventory.
          • When a hostage is not suitably controlled (e.g. they're not tied), they may resist. The "/roll" command should be used in these situations.
        3. 3. You may not ransom a hostage for more than $2000, or $10000 in city funds.
        4. 4. You must release the hostage once your demands have been met.
          • You may not kill the hostage.
        5. 5. You must have a realistically acceptable reason to take someone as a hostage.
          • You may not take someone as a hostage for the ransom alone.
          • Generally, this means you may only take people hostage for whom you have a legitimate reason to kill.
        6. 6. You must release the hostage if they wish to leave after 10 minutes of being a hostage.
          • It is your responsibility to ensure that your hostage knows this is an option to them.
        7. 7. You may not take another hostage for 30 minutes after releasing your previous hostage.
      4. 4. When mugging someone, the following rules must be obeyed:
        1. 1. You may only mug people under realistic conditions.
          • As with street crime, you must pick a suitable time and location, so as to minimise the potential number of witnesses.
        2. 2. You may only mug a player for $200 at any one time.
          • Any more than that and the player is allowed to use "/me" to drop the money.
            • Once again, it is your responsibility to ensure that the mugging victim knows this is an option to them.
        3. 3. You may not mug the same player again for 30 minutes (real time).
  • 11. Premium members
    • Premium members must abide by the same rules as everybody else, and face the same consequences for breaking them.
    • In addition, the following rules apply to premium members:
      1. 1. You must not abuse any privileges you've received as a premium member.
      2. 2. You may not abuse your votekick.
        • You may only votekick players for serious rulebreaking (e.g. mass RDM and prop abuse).
        • You may not votekick players for minor rulebreaking (e.g. a single RDM, metagaming, breaking NLR).
        • You must warn a player at least once before votekicking them, giving them a chance to improve themselves.
      3. 3. You may not misuse 3D signs.
        • You may only use 3D signs to aid in roleplay.
        • You may not use 3D signs to display any offensive or inappropriate content.
  • 12. Admins
    • Admins must abide by the same rules as everybody else.
    • Admins are not capable of spawning in items or money.
    • Admins are not required to reimburse players for any material loss.
    • Admins may use their discretion in determining the appropriate degree of punishment.
    • If you have a complaint regarding an admin, please post a staff complaint on the forums.
      • When doing so, it is important that you have evidence, else it is difficult to act upon your complaint.
      • If you feel that you have been wrongfully banned, or that the degree of your punishment was disproportionate, you should post a ban appeal, rather than a staff complaint.
    • In addition, the following rules apply to admins:
      1. 1. You must not misuse noclip.
        • You may only use noclip when absolutely necessary, as there is no reasonable alternative.
      2. 2. You must give descriptive ban reasons.
        • Anybody looking through the ban list must be able to read the ban reason and understand why the user was banned.
        • As such, non-descriptive ban reasons such as "No", or "Minge", are not allowed.
      3. 3. You may not kick or ban other admins.
      4. 4. You may not display bias.
        • This means that you must not show leniency towards your friends.
  • Punishment guidelines
    • The degree of a punishment is entirely up to the admin's discretion, but is generally based on the severity of the rulebreaking, the admin's interpretation of the player's behaviour, and the player's ban record.
    • The following are not tolerated under any circumstances, and will lead to a permanent ban:
      • Cheating of any kind.
      • Exploiting bugs or glitches, in the map or in gameplay mechanics.
      • Discrimination, or repeated use of discriminatory slurs.
      • Repeated misuse of props.
      • Repeated random deathmatching (i.e. mass RDM).
      • Using an alternate account.
        • All associated accounts will be banned.
      • Spamming.
      • Advertising other servers.
    • A permanent forum ban will also result in a permanent server ban.
      • No player who has proven themselves incapable of participating in the forums should, then, be allowed to play on the server.
      • As such, a permanent forum ban is treated as an expulsion from the community.
    • If you feel that you have been wrongfully banned, or that the degree of your punishment was disproportionate to the wrongdoings commited, please post a ban appeal on the forums.
    • If you have evidence of another player breaking the rules, please post a ban request on the forums.
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