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Upgrade to Premium Membership

3 Month Membership
6 Month Membership
1 Year Membership

$10.00 USD

$18.00 USD

$30.00 USD


Important Information

Please note that the full amount is only charged once off (As shown below each option) and is not a recurring payment.
Premium is fully automated and you will receive it immediately after payment (Requires rejoining server if you are on it)
By proceeding with payment you agree to the Terms and Conditions


Garry's Mod - Roleplay Server

- Double the prop limit (Spawn 50 props instead of 25)
- Instant access to all jobs (even those which require playtime)
- Access to special Premium only jobs (SWAT, Secret Agent)
- Crafting time is reduced by half.
- More inventory space (250 weight instead of 200)
- More bank storage space (1000 weight instead of 100)
- More mailbox storage space (75 instead of 50)
- Access to spawn 3D signs.
- Access to special Premium only tools. (Such as lights, lamps, advanced duplicator, etc)
- NPCs will always buy from you.
- Access to special Premium only items such as Fire Extinguisher.
- Higher chance to catch fish/lobsters.
- Higher chance to mine rocks/ore.
- Spawn more gardening pots (5 instead of 3)
- Plant more shrooms (5 instead of 3)
- Access to Premium only clothes (including suits)
- Access to Premium only ringtones (such as mario, etc)
- Access to Premium only vehicles
- Ability to plant and sell cocaine.
- Ability to make beer with beer barrels.
- Spawn more stoves (Spawn 2 instead of 1)
- Higher salary on every job.
- Cook more at once in stove.
- Spawn with 25 Armor.
- Heart icon next to the name on scoreboard.
- Higher AFK kick time (You will only get kicked after 20 minutes of inactivity, instead of the normal 10 minutes)
- Access to use vote kick (Requires 1 week of playtime to use).


- Premium Member badge
- Blue name
- Coloured text in chatbox


- Early Access to new servers
- Warm fuzzy feeling of helping support us :)