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New Profile Posts

  1. Sebastian Prome
  2. Sebastian Prome
    Sebastian Prome Nova
    Went inactive, mostly due to mass rdm/crashing of server and simple was too busy so he was unable to restart the server. Community is waiting for chronvet v.2 to come out
  3. Vhondy
    Vhondy thegrilandmuffin
    happy birthday in the end days
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    2. thegrilandmuffin
      Lol thanks mayne, THIS IS CRAWNETS FINAL HOURS
      May 8, 2018
  4. AspiringSun
  5. AspiringSun
  6. Mooo
    Mooo Simple
    You have commitment issues
  7. Donald trump
    Donald trump
    No idea how to change my name ripp
  8. Donald trump
  9. thegrilandmuffin
    thegrilandmuffin Wolfy
    Lol i would smash the gurl on ure profile pic
    1. Wolfy
      uh thats not a chick
      Apr 18, 2018
    2. thegrilandmuffin
      id still smash
      Apr 18, 2018
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    3. Wolfy
      Apr 19, 2018
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  10. Vhondy
    Vhondy thegrilandmuffin
    Are you a prophet? You predicted chronet going the way of the dinosaur
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    2. thegrilandmuffin
      lol chronet is one hard turd ready to pop out i'll tell ya
      Apr 15, 2018
  11. InfantHades
    In the end it is the people, not the place, that matters, because even when you leave this place, you still have the people that will follow
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  12. WorkadayEwe2
    WorkadayEwe2 Footy011
    I am very sorry that you came into the server at such a time as this, we are effectively dead.
  13. Aluminum
    Aluminum Angel but also Devil
    i'm a riven main lol
    1. Angel but also Devil
      Apr 12, 2018
    2. Aluminum
      M6, 1 more token to M7
      Apr 12, 2018
  14. Misan
  15. Misan
    Misan Legend4life
    You are a legend! I bet you can get a girlfriend! Good luck! I love you!
  16. Misan
    Misan CKGaming
    You're so swaggy! I love you. Awesome!
  17. Misan
    Misan AngryBaldMan
    Je vais manger des bagels vous monstre.
  18. Misan
    Misan Vhondy
    Je vais manger des bagels vous monstre. Vous êtes un morceau de biscuits crachant sans cruauté, cru et haineux ... en attendant d'être mangé.
  19. Misan
    Misan Coolrune206
    Nice signature.
  20. Coolrune206
    Hats off to you, boys.